Dear 24 year old self,

Hi. I’m not really sure why I wanted to write you this and I’m not really sure how you’d take this. But maybe I just wanted you to know how things worked with me or didn’t. I just hope that one day you’ll read this like it’s the first time you’ve seen it.

It’s hard to break it to you dear but I failed our 18 year old dream. I’m still vulnerable, emotional and most of the time bipolar. I still have snap decisions as if I’m still a teen-ager trying to decide on things like I wanted to please somebody on what I’m about to do. But tonight dear, I know I won’t be pleasing anybody especially you.

I’m still young and incapable of my life unlike what everyone thinks like as if I’m already independent. I’m not lady-like, I’m not fit enough and I don’t always dress up as what our 6 year old self has expected me to be. I’m not yet the care-free, loving and joyful person that our old person had hoped for.

I’m not successful yet dear, but I hope someday you’ll be the one to bring all our dreams to life. I hope one day you’ll be the one to set things straight, be mature enough to make the toughest decisions in your life and fullfill all your endeavors without letting someone go in your life, without breaking anybody’s heart or sacrificing great things over the lesser ones. I hope you’d learned my lesson dear. And maybe I just wrote this so you could avoid all the things I have done that my 22 year old self should have told me before all things.

I wish that when you wake up tomorrow, if God permits you to be alive, that everything will be better for you and that you’ll receive greater things that has ever happened to us.

Enjoy the gift of life.



Your 23 year old self

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